To Owe an Apology

We bloom into our societies embedded with the knee jerk reactions of their bias and prejudice, so that when we watch the social currency of an apology being exchanged, it is as real as watching the reparation of any other debt.

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Grace Anna Comments
Conditions for Relationship and The Need for Safe Spaces

Relationships are tricky. They need certain poorly-understood conditions to thrive. Without these conditions, there can be no relationship. If one is forced despite their absence, it quickly becomes toxic, unequal, exploitative: and without acknowledgement of this dynamic, it cannot be saved. This is true for every kind of relationship, even the ones we have with acquaintances, colleagues and family.

Simply put, it appears we don’t really know how to interact with each other a lot of the time.

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Why Sydney is Cancelled

As much as was achieved and is still being achieved — our actions come at a cost. Speaking up makes us more visible and more easily targeted. On the one hand, loud dissension is needed for change to occur. On the other, loudness is jarring to those who find these concepts new or unfamiliar.

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Sukrita Comments