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Grace Anna

@astitchtowear / website / ravelry

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Grace Anna learned to knit in the third grade, where she fell desperately in love with the fiber arts and was crocheting and sewing soon thereafter. She has made corsets as well as costumes, styled wardrobes and crewed large scale art construction projects, and received a certificate in Industrial Fashion Methods from Philadelphia University.

She has worked in yarn shops since 2001 and now lives in Northern New Mexico (soon to be Northern Virginia) with her husband, two babes, and a rascal of a cat.

Her knitwear designs can be found on Ravelry and in her book, The Fine Line.

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@thecolormustard / ravelry

Korina is a knitter and sewer who learned how to knit during the Portland (OR) Snowpocalypse of 2014. Her earliest exposure to clothes-making was in listening to stories about her maternal grandmother, who was a famed seamstress in the Philippine countryside.

Currently, Korina is readapting to life on a tropical island, and regularly asks whether weaning herself off of wool is truly possible. She also dabbles in writing, film photography, illustration, and graphic design in an amateur capacity, with fluctuating degrees of interest, enthusiasm, and confidence. She has an academic background in socio’linguistics and approaches most things through a lens of,

"Wait — but what do you really mean?"

She likes mustard the color, not the condiment.



@ocean_bythesea / ETSY / RAVELRY

Ocean is a multi-hyphenate artist with a focus on botanical dyes, knitting, poetry, silversmithing, plants, and photography — a remix of slow beauty, weaving together the stories of her childhood to create a sustainable and meaningful life.

She uses colour theory as therapy and a kaleidoscope of them can be found splashed in all corners of her life, from extracting dyes in a small apartment kitchen, to making sure colour is present in the world around her.

Her days are spent in London reading too many books, receiving bear hugs from a little human sprout, and letting the sun shine on her face. Her botanically dyed yarn can be found on Instagram and Etsy

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@SU.KRITA / etsy / ravelry

Sukrita is a knitter, spinner, sewist, and dyer. She fell in love with fibre art a few years ago, revisiting knitting lessons from her teenage years, and expanding her skills using resources available on the Internet. She learnt to spin and dye through her local guild, supplemented as always by online resources, books, and magazines. She is a self-taught sewist, enjoys making her own clothes, and has been on a clothes-buying strike (barring underwear) since May 2018.

Outside of fibre, her interests are in metaphysics, psychology, language, and culture. She has an academic background in governance, but has been turned off the field for many reasons, white supremacy being just one of them.


What are our intentions for this space? We want —

to challenge;

to give voice to ideas that are often silenced;

to collaborate with others who share our vision of a community where everyone feels safe and accepted;

and to show what impact we can have, when we pool our resources and work hand in hand.